Mobile Mixology of Tampa Bay

We are a Mobile bar tending service. We cater to your specifications. We do weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, tailgate parties, house parties, corporate functions and many more.  Let us help you plan and service your next special event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide alcohol for the event?
     No, we do not provide alcohol. We offer bartending services and event planning. We can provide proper recommendations  for what to buy and we will even go shopping for you! We will also return all unopened bottles to get you a refund! 

Can you help me plan the alcohol I need for my event? 
     Yes, we will provide you with free recommendations even if you do not use our shopping service.  

Are you insured?
     Yes, we have a $2 million  liquor liability insurance policy. 

What separates your from the competition>
     Our willingness to make sure that you have the best night of your life. We will do anything within our power to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. We also are Owned/ Operated by a disabled veteran who goes out of his way to hire other veterans!

How much space do you need?
     It depends on the services needed. A wedding party with 200 people will need an area around 6 ft x 12 ft while a smaller party might only need a 6 ft x 6 ft area.

How do I give gratuity to my bartender?
      Our bartenders can accept tips directly through a tip jar on the bar or directly after the event. 

Are your bartenders certifie
     Yes, our bartenders have each undergone training and became certified for Responsible Alcohol Service Certification to prevent over intoxication, underage drinking and drunk driving. All bartenders have also undergone the ServeSafe Alcohol Certification training. 

What is a signature drink and do you offer them?  
     Signature drinks are cocktails that you choose for your guests to give them a memorable experience. These drinks can be preselected and renames for your event. Check out our signature drinks page for ideas and more information. 

What size parties can you accommodate? 
     We can accommodate any party size. 

My party is big, do you think I need more than one bartender?
     We reccomend that you have one bartender for every 70 people.  There is wiggle room in this number but one bartender to seventy people usually gives your party the best service. 

What will your bartenders wear to my event?

     This is up to you. Typical attire is black dress shirt and pants. This will be decided during the consultation.

How far will Mobile Mixology travel?
     We are based out of the Tampa Bay area but will travel throughout the state of Florida.  Traveling 50+ miles from the Tampa Bay area will cost extra. 

After the event, will you help clean up? 
     Yes, we will stay and clean any mess from the bar and its patrons. 


If we did not answer your question, please feel free to ask it below! 

If you have any questions,  please feel free to call us at 727-656-5315 or email us at or message us on Facebook.